Decluttering Tip : Marrying Sh*t Together

Typically, marriage does not solve or simplify your problems. However, when it comes to decluttering, it definitely helps you get rid of excess duplicates (like all the containers and tubes of lip balm you have scattered in your bathroom, car, and inside each of your purses). When I was cleaning out the drawers and cabinets of our master ensuite bathroom (for the fourth time in the past three months – simplifying really is a continual process), I found – I shit you not – 9 containers of Blistex lip balm. You can only imagine how much space that takes up in our shared bathroom drawer. I absolutely hate being wasteful, especially because the Blistex was not expired. I took a butter knife and married as many of the lip balms together and ended up throwing away 6 of the emptied lip chap containers. I had completed the trick of marrying some of our condiments together a couple months ago and don’t know why it did not occur to me sooner to do the same for products inside our bathroom.

My next task is to squeeze all our shampoo samples into our one big bottle. I personally don’t care about mixing brands because ultimately, they all serve the same purpose of cleansing my hair.

I hope this tiny tip makes your space a little less cluttered and a little more peaceful and functional.

Have you ultized this trick of marrying products together? What else things have you married together to reduce clutter?

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