My holiday motto this year: KEEP IT SIMPLE 🖤

Instead of going through another holiday of purchasing new decor to fit in with whatever is trending right now, I’ve decided to decorate with what I already own and have some DIY fun at the same time. I’ve chosen to stick to a simple Scandi-chic design so everything flows well with what I have in my home. The only things I have purchased are some greenery (mostly eucalyptus because you can dry it and reuse it) which cost $10 from a local florist. I recommend Small Flower Floral Studio off of 17th Ave. Even the DIY projects are made from supplies I already have kicking around the house.

Benefits of decorating simply this holiday season:

  • Savings in time and money. The time and money I save from not strolling down the aisles of Michaels and Homesense is put towards quality time with friends and family instead. I would rather put that money towards an amazing charcuterie spread to share with my friends and family. P.s. Sauce on 17th has the most amazing truffle salami! It’s so good that oftentimes it’s sold out, so if you are a truffle fanatic like I am, keep an eye out 😉
  • Less to clean. A big reason why I chose not to haul out all of my past Christmas decor from the garage (which I plan on donating or selling when I get around to it) is because I feel like I would have to put ALL of it out around the house. That means when the time comes, I will have to spend an afternoon packaging it all up. To be honest, I would rather be spending that time out and about with my doggos.
  • Gratitude. Keeping it simple allows me to be grateful for the things I already have and acknowledging that they are good enough.
  • Getting crafty AF. I love DIY projects and I find it hard to make time to try out all the projects I’ve curated on my Pinterest board. Choosing not to spend more than $10 on new decorations forced me to make time to look around my studio for supplies that are waiting to turned into something lovely.

How to simplify holiday decorating:

  • Use things you already have out. Try not to put out every single piece of holiday decor you own. It means less to pack away later and it keeps your home looking less cluttered. One of my most versatile and favourite pieces in my home is my Words & Co. letter board. It is a dynamic piece that I move from room to room and it has served a magnitude of uses. I’m not telling to you go out and buy a letter board to decorate your home, but if you already have one or something similar like a light box, you can easily incorporate it into your home this holiday season. Here are some fun ideas for your letter board:

– Use it as a menu for a dinner party

– Spell out your favourite Christmas movie line (I was split between “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!” and my favourite line from Elf that’s pictured above).

– If you plan on entertaining, you can use it as a recipe board for your featured holiday beverage. Put out the corresponding ingredients and encourage guests to try out your recipe!

  • Gather candles, vases, and foliage to make seasonal arrangements. You don’t have to go out and buy any special candles or vases. I bet if you open a few cupboards in your home, you’re likely to find what you need. The only thing I purchased was some greenery. I asked the florist for greenery that had the potential to dry well so I didn’t have to replace them during the next month and also so I had the option of reusing them for other DIY projects in the future. I also trimmed some leaves from my monstera (aka Swiss cheese plant) to add some different textured greenery to my mini bar.

  • Borrow from nature. When I went out for a walk with my puppy, I picked up some small branches of pine around my neighbourhood that had fallen into the ground. I’ve tied a little ribbon around some of these pieces and used them to decorate the mini bar and a candle arrangement.

  • Get crafty, babe. I bet you have craft supplies around your home than can be easily transformed into holiday decor. Some of the easy DIY projects I did (took less than an hour):

– Embroidery Hoop DIY | I found some embroidery hoops that my doggo Toby hasn’t destroyed yet and decided to put them to use. Using multipurpose sewing thread, I tied eucalyptus around the larger embroidery hoop. For the smaller hoop, I used leftover yarn from a previous pom pom DIY to make a simply wall hanging and attached a faux air plant (found at Michaels in the past spring) to it. The only thing frustrating about the latter project was trying to cut the ends evenly to get the V shape I wanted. It didn’t help that the dogs thought it was toy while I was trimming it. #dogmomlife

– Design your own prints | I designed my own mini print with a simple holiday message then framed it to hide the ugly AF thermostat that has been annoying the hell out of me.

I hope simplifying your holiday decor helps save you some valuable time and a few bucks this season! Do you have any other ideas for simplistic holiday decor?

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