illo Leather Cord Clips: Simple + Functional + Affordable

One of my favourite leather goods companies based in Canada is illo Leather. Sara, the maker behind this Calgary business has created a wide range of luxurious handcrafted leather goods from handbags and leather notebooks (more on that soon) to bookmarks and cord clips.

I first met Sara at a Curated Market pop up at Rosso in Inglewood. Sipping on a dirty chai (espresso + chai tea latte – which is mind blowing), I picked up her beautiful leather pieces one by one at her booth. I opted for two beautiful leather bracelets, one which she stamped “MRBLT” into the black leather (an acronym for our little fam jam (Matt, Rhonda, Bruno, Lola, Toby). It instantly became one my favourite things that I own!

Sarah aims for zero leather wastage. With that in mind, she has created simple but extremely functional cord clips out of scrap leather from her larger pieces of work. When I saw these on her Etsy Shop, I knew that my desk and drawers would benefit from these affordable cuties at only $5.25 CDN.

Sara and I thought of a few different ways to use the cord clips other than to keep electronic cords together:

  1. Colour-coders to easily differentiate between different cables. (I.e. red leather clip for iPhone and black for camera charger).
  2. Clip your hair elastics together so your drawers/purses/backpacks aren’t scattered with a trillion hair ties.
  3. Use it to clip your bracelets and other jewelry together inside your travel bag so your valuables are all together.
  4. Clip around a thin cord leash to hold a couple poop bags.
  5. If your sports bra or tank top has thin enough straps, attach the cord clip to it along with the cord of your headphones so your workout is less tangly.
  6. I’ve also used my cord clip to keep my measuring tape together (gently squeeze the edges of the folded measuring tape together to fit within the clip)

Sara was so kind to donate a cord clip each to six lucky readers! Check out my Instagram contest post for more details on how to enter.

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