Cleaning + Organizing Tips for the Messy Person

I’ve had difficulty keeping things organized and neat since as long as I can remember. Aside from having trouble putting things away properly after I used them, I used to love having knick knacks and collected the most random shit from garage – and a lot of it. Naturally, when you throw disorganization and clutter together, it gets extremely stressful. My bad habits have haven a toll on my mental health because the chaos of not being able to find something when you need it, or not being able to find a clear surface to work on makes me anxiety riddled. The visual stimuli of stuff everywhere and on every surfaced was so overwhelming. Since learning about simple living, I’ve found ways of organizing and decluttering that has worked for the naturally messy, unorganized, impatient, and impulsive person that I am. If you are like me, and the traditional ways of keeping up with tasks don’t work for you (like that one time when a roommate tried to make a weekly clean up schedule for the house. I automatically was like, f*ck that. *shreds up cleaning schedule*), check out these methods that have made a huge difference in my home and mental well-being. It’s also helped my relationship with my fiance because we bicker less about “Hurricane Rhonda”, which Matty used to call me when I would be messy AF.

  1. Every time you leave a room, take something with you that belongs to the next space you are going to. You don’t even have to put it back exactly where it belongs (bonus points if you do). Just get it closer to it’s final destination and out of the room it shouldn’t reside in. For example, when I leave my studio to go to the kitchen, I will look around the room to see if there are any mugs, plates, or cutlery that needs a lift to the kitchen. Although this task seems simple enough, it really makes all of the difference in my home.
  2. Clean as fast as you can to a good song.  Let’s get real. Cleaning sucks. Some days I can’t sit down for more than 15 minutes to tidy up. I get spacey and I start doing anything but cleaning. However, you CAN do almost anything for 5 minutes (not planks though, f*ck planks). Currently I’ve been putting on Tay Tay’s End Game (ft Ed Sheeran & Future) which is just a bit over 4 minutes as I clean. Do this a few times a day and these small cleaning/organizing bursts will make your chores feel a lot less tedious. Is it as effective as sitting down for a full hour to clean? No, but for those days where you can’t seem to fit in that much time, it’s better than nothing.
  3. Start a donation bin where you can see it every day to prompt you to declutter things you no longer need or use. I used to go through my closet with the intention of giving some pieces away, but without a designated place to store these, they would end up back inside my closet. I used to make fill little bins and bags throughout the house filled with items to donate and would forget about them, thus they would never actually leave the house.
  4. Get rid of the donations once it’s full. Once my donation box is full, the contents need to leave the house immediately. That way, you don’t fiddle around with the things you are trying to let go and end up keeping some of it  due to indecisiveness.

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