Servus Partnership + Tips to save over $100 a month

I am so excited to be partnering up with Servus, a member-owned, community-based financial institution that is new to the beautiful historic neighbourhood of Inglewood. Servus is dedicated to the financial well-being of its members.

Financial wellness is such a significant component of simple living. For me, it means having my finances in check so I can live my best life by being able to afford experiences that enrich my life and most importantly, take care of the ones I love (I.e. spoiling my doggos). I used to think that saving money was nearly impossible. During the past few months, after I downsized and moved to East Village, I started to really focus my attention to my financial habits. I’ve learned a few ways to save money here and there and thought these hacks might be useful for you too!

Hacks to save over $100 a month:

  1. Modification over deprivation

I am a latte and tea addict. This habit used to cost me over $80 a month at my favourite coffee shops. I want to save money but not make myself and everyone around me miserable by cutting out caffeine completely. Minimalist living is not supposed to deprive you of the things that bring you joy. One of my friends introduced me to instant lattes and milk tea from a brand called GreenMax from T&T market that costs only 50 cents a serving! They taste AMAZING and allows me to still enjoy the pleasure of having a warm bevvie without the high price tag. Find a cost effective substitute for your vices.

2. Borrow rather than buy. The thought of owning every single tool or device may seem convenient but it also comes with a price tag. That includes your time and money to maintain the things you own. Before you go to the store or hit “add to shopping cart” on Amazon, reach out to your friends, family, and social networks to see if someone already owns whatever it is that you momentarily need. Chances are, someone is more than willing to let you borrow it! Many neighbourhoods have “Buy Nothing” groups that allow members of the same community to lend or giveaway items they no longer need free of charge! Under Facebook groups, search “Buy Nothing” + your city and look for your specific community page to request to join.

3. Write it down. This habit has saved me hundreds of dollars by helping to curb impulsive spending. If I want to purchase something over $50, I write it down in my notebook along with the date. After 30 days, I then reassess if I still want it. If I can afford it and won’t go into debt by purchasing it (aka don’t have to put it on a credit card), I go ahead and give myself permission to buy it. If I find that the desire  to buy whatever is on the list has gone, I cross that item off. Most things on my “want list” have been crossed off, serving as reminders that I usually don’t need whatever it was I had desired 30 days ago. It was just an impulse, not something that truly adds value to my life. Depending on your own personal finance goals and situation, that number may be different for you. Maybe it’s $100 rather than $50.

I hope that you find these hacks beneficial and relevant. For more information on Servus and their current promotions, click here ( Do you have any money saving tips that work for you? I would love to hear from you. Leave them in the comments below!


  1. I love the idea of writing something down first, then revisiting it later! I usually just write down every purchase I have already made and revisit it at the end of the month, but your way seems much more effective. One thing that also helps me to save money is to leave my cards at home (when I can) and only carry cash around! Definitely makes you a bit more aware of what you’re spending

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